A missed connection or a new opportunity? Young Parisian Simone lands in Los Angeles on her way to Singapore and finds her flight cancelled. Soon, a mysterious motorcyclist convinces Simone to ride along through the glittering nightlife scene of LA. Sometimes the places you don’t plan visiting are the best.

About Joshua

Joshua Caldwell is an accomplished director, writer, producer, and MTV Movie Award winner. He has worked with a number of high-profile producers, including CSI: creator Anthony E. Zuiker, for whom he produced CYBERGEDDON, the online global motion picture event for Yahoo!, and directed all of the film’s ancillary content for its immersive website. His award-winning short film DIG, starring Mark Margolis of BREAKING BAD, was featured in numerous film festivals, and his latest short RESIGNATION screened at Comic-Con. His debut feature film LAYOVER World Premiered at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival where it was nominated for the New American Cinema Award. Joshua currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Danielle, son Austin, and rescue dog Hadley.

Director's Statement

I wanted to direct a feature and I was tired of being dependent on other people to say yes. I had seen a number of tweets from Edward Burns about these $8,000 feature films he was making. Paying actors the minimal amount, shooting on a 5D with limited crew and just doing it. I looked around me and I realized I had everything I needed to make a feature: access to talent, equipment, crew, locations, and more. So, I asked myself, why I wasn’t doing it. Layover, the story of a girl stuck in a city for 12 hours, was an idea floating around in my head, I thought it was something that could be made for literally nothing, and so I put pen to paper and started developing it out to direct for no-budget. From a creative perspective, I was really attracted to the nature of being lost in a big, unfamiliar city. I spent a lot of time traveling in college, often alone, and there was something incredibly lonely about it and incredibly freeing and I thought about trying to capture that in my adopted city of Los Angeles, with a character who was not from this country.